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A West Cornwall green hub to improve well-being; mentally, physically, and educationally through growing people and plants and

cultivating the relationship between the two.

Set into a granite wall, a wooden door, its brown paint faded and peeling, is surrounded by lush vegetation
The facade of a long, two-storey granite building with a pitched roof.  The ground floor is dominated by a double-width fully-glazed door.

Working as a newly-formed local charity, we will renovate a derelict building in Morrab Gardens, Penzance, and then run it as a Green Community Hub.


The transformed building will be a flexible space for promoting wellbeing, learning from our green heritage, and supporting sustainability.


A circular, carved, slate plaque set on a granite gatepost and partly obscured by ivy.  The image on the plaque is of stylised tropical vegetation.

Our heritage is at risk, and our community has needs that are not met at present.  The Gardeners' House will provide answers to these challenges.


A passion flower, Passiflora caerulea, with whiteish petals, surmounted by a corona of blue filaments, then five greenish-yellow stamens and three purple stigmas.

We have already received funding through the Penzance Town Deal. We are seeking further support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.  We will use this money to transform the building, then use income from activities we run to ensure we are sustainable financially as well as environmentally.


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