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Our Story So Far

In the heart of Morrab Gardens, next to the Morrab Library, there is a building which is in a poor state of repair. When Morrab House was a private residence, this building would have been a hub of activity, containing the stables, fodder store and coach-house that were an important part of a nineteenth-century gentleman’s residence.


Since Penzance Corporation purchased Morrab House in 1889, the building has suffered mixed fortunes, at times providing living accommodation for the Head Gardener and his family, stabling for the donkey that pulled the garden’s lawnmower, and until recently a kitchen and mess room for the gardeners and volunteers.

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What are our plans?

A dedicated and passionate team has been formed to help to transform The Gardeners' House and bring this building back to life. We want to create a space which is at the heart of our community and celebrated the natural environment of Penwith.

Connecting people, planet and place, The Gardeners’ House Penzance  will become an important centre for the community, helping to improve mental and physical wellbeing by encouraging people to build a relationship with the natural environment and reflect on their importance within it.

Why did we decide to do this?

We want to support our community to grow by cultivating a relationship with the natural environment. We want to celebrate the rich heritage and natural tapestry of the land around West Cornwall - past, present and future.


Penzance needs spaces which can support environmental and community action. Our project can provide this - whilst ensuring that our heritage is preserved and our community have access to opportunities to support their mental and physical wellbeing,



Despite the stunning natural beauty and thriving culture of Cornwall, there exists a different reality for many of its inhabitants.  A significant portion of the population live on the cusp of poverty, ill-health, and isolation.
That's why The Gardeners’ House intends to serve as a community outreach centre, providing a welcoming space for vulnerable individuals and engaging them in various activities.

Underused Green Heritage

The Gardeners' House has been gifted a treasure trove of Cornish natural history by The Hypatia Trust. However, the collection is currently stored in an unsuitable space, putting it at risk of damage and making it inaccessible to the public.

Our goal is to create a permanent home and share it with the community where it can grow, be added to and evolve into a living community archive - allowing the unveiling of the past, recording the present and the future, to gain a deeper understanding of the world we live in and the roles we play.

Struggling Sustainability 

Cornwall has long been used as a test-bed for great ideas. Pilot projects and grass-roots enthusiasm need to come together to address the climate crisis.
Our key delivery partner, Sustainable Penzance, has developed to do just that. We’ll offer a workspace that will provide a base for sustainable entrepreneurship and action, and income from hiring out the space will support our charity’s own resilience and financial sustainability.
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Discover our Plans For the Future

What's next for the building? Read more about our exciting plans for the future of this neglected building in Morrab Gardens at the heart of Penzance.

Our Funders

The Gardeners’ House, a charity based in Penzance, received £2.2 million from The National Lottery Heritage Fund, as well as a grant of £896,000 from the Penzance Town Deal fund to help realise our vision.

Find out more about who has supported us.

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