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Explore The Gardeners' House with our brand-new virtual tour

We've been working with the team at TIGERX to create an interactive tour of the new Gardeners' House, giving an idea of how our building could look when it's completed.


It's a joy to see how the space could be used, and to give just a flavour of how the building could be brought back to life! We will make the space our own, incorporating many of the interesting found objects rescued from the old building and putting them on display.


We still have a lot of decisions to make on furniture, lighting and interior design - but what a treat to have this tour, and to envisage the possibilities for the space!

Miki Ashton, project co-ordinator for The Gardeners' House Penzance project, said: "Working with Dougie on this visualising project has been great. When he came to the Gardeners’ House build site to chat through our plans, we could tell he really understood what we are trying to achieve. Seeing past the dust and bare walls, he and the TIGERX team have been able to create an exciting glimpse into the future! Thank you."

Dougie Cross, who created our virtual tour and is the managing director at TIGERX, said: "‘We are thrilled to have worked with The Gardeners' House team to bring their vision to ‘virtual’ reality!"

TIGERX is a Cornish business, based in Hayle, working with their clients to produce animations, visualisations and VR solutions. They produce high-quality renders for a host of business types, and we're delighted to have worked with them to create this tailor-made look at what is possible.

If you'd like to find out more about what we have planned for the space, you can read more about our plans for the future here.


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