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Taking our art workshops to the Penzance Community Day

Penzance Community Day took place on Monday 27 May in Morrab Gardens, bringing together people and businesses from across the town - and The Gardeners' House team were delighted to be a part of the day.

Jane Darke and Andrew Tebbs are the artists running our community art project, and since last autumn, they have run over 20 workshops with schools, groups and organisations across Penzance.

The ideas generated at these workshops will inform the art and installations throughout our sensory garden at The Gardener's House Penzance.

Jane and Andrew set up their bell tent in Morrab Gardens for the community day, and encouraged people to come in and take part in their activities and share their ideas and inspiration.

Jane told us: "We were thrilled to be asked to take part in the Penzance Community Day in the Morrab Gardens, where the Gardeners House and sensory garden are being built. We brought along our 5 metre bell tent which proved to be valuable and well used during the occasional shower!

She added: "Since the start of the project we've been delivering art workshops to organised groups around Penzance. Taking part in the community day meant we could work with people who we may not have had the opportunity with previously. We also brought along examples of work from the workshops which we have held over the last year to show people what we'd been doing.

Jane and Andrew provided mosaic and collage drop in sessions in the tent which proved really popular with children, parents, grand parents and the St John's Ambulance Volunteers.

A large number of really beautiful pieces of work were produced which will be displayed in the first Gardener's House exhibition when we open. We would also like to create a book including all the work produced during the workshops.


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