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Penzance needs more venues to support environmental and community action, and at the same time our heritage – in both buildings and knowledge – is at risk and should be saved. The Gardeners’ House brings together and provides a solution for these needs.

  • Social deprivation – behind the stunning natural beauty and the thriving culture of Cornwall that we all love lies a very different Cornwall. Large numbers of people live on the edge of poverty, ill-health, or in isolation. The Gardeners’ House will become a centre for community outreach, welcoming those who are vulnerable and engaging them in activities.

  • Underused Green Heritage - the Johns-Carrington-Stackhouse Archive of irreplaceable documents, photographs and drawings is a record of the natural history of Cornwall. At the moment it is in unsuitable storage, inaccessible to the public and at risk of deterioration. We believe this collection can change how our community engages with the natural world around us, and the knowledge it contains should be available to all.

  • Struggling Sustainability – Cornwall has long been used as a test-bed for great ideas. Pilot projects and grass-roots enthusiasm need to come together to address the climate crisis. Our key delivery partner, Sustainable Penzance, has developed to do just that. We’ll offer a workspace that will provide a base for sustainable entrepreneurship and action, and income from hiring out the space will support our charity’s own resilience and financial sustainability.

Morrab Garden
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