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The Gardeners' House gets the go-ahead

Today we can disclose that our plans for The Gardeners' House will go ahead – all the work and support behind the scenes to put together our bid for support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund have paid off! Our bid was successful, and we've been awarded a grant of £2.2million which is what had been requested in our carefully costed business plan. Along with the £886,000 for capital building works already announced as part of the Penzance Town Deal, this grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund means we can start the work of renovating the old stable building in Morrab Gardens and develop the activities listed in our plan with financial security assured for two years after we move in to the building. This will give us time to build up income from the host of activities that will be run from the Gardeners' House to ensure our long-term sustainability. Responding to the news Miki Ashton, our Project Coordinator, said “It’s been an amazing journey so far and we are absolutely delighted that the funding from the NLHF will enable us to save an historic building and transform it into a sustainable green hub bringing our communities and partner organisations together to share in the natural heritage of West Cornwall.

She added: "The Gardeners’ House will provide a home for a knowledge bank which draws on the past and encourages the people of West Cornwall to add new, positive and personal contributions making it a living archive. By connecting people, planet and place the Gardeners' House will support people's wellbeing and empower our community to work together to develop sustainable change for the future.”


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